Practical Cyber Intelligence

Your one stop solution to expedient a Cyber Defense Intelligence program. Replicated intelligence is the missing link between your cyber protection operation teams, threat intelligence, and IT operations to provide your society with a full spectrum of defensive proficiencies. This training kicks off with the need for cyber cleverness and why it is required in terms of a defensive framework. Practical clarification of the F3EAD protocol with the help of examples. Also, we learn how to go about threat models and intelligence products/frameworks and apply them to real-life circumstances. End of this training, you will be able to boot up an intelligence program in your association based on the process and tactical/strategic spheres of Cyber defense intelligence.


  • Course Name : Practical Cyber Intelligence
  • Class: Weekdays and Weekends
  • Course Durations: 2 Months
  • Total Course Fee: RS 25000