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Chinese Language Course
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Why to Learn Chinese language?

Due to heavy investment of Chinese companies in Pakistan and strong business relationships and academic scholarships with Pakistani companies and Universities. So keeping this in view it is necessary to learn Chinese language. So now Chinese language is need for our bright jobs future to interact with native-Chinese in any organization and at work place as well.

What is HSK or HSK Levels?

HSK is the international standard for accessing Chinese-Language Proficiency. HSK stands for Hanyu (Chinese) Shuiping (level) Kaoshi (test), which an important Chinese proficiency exam is taken by china. It is for assessment of non-native Chinese speaker abilities in using Chinese in their daily, academic and professional lives. After completion of this course your will be fluent at Chinese language Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing Skills.

Why Learn Chinese Language From UI Learning Institute

UI Learning offering the diploma and short course (HSK Level 1) to (HSK Level 6) for those aspirants how are well aware about China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project and who are willing understand or to do translation from Urdu to Chinese language and Chinese to Urdu language. UI learning is that place where Chinese Language industry expert can easily teach and train you Chinese language in Urdu and English language so you can easily get CPEC jobs or any other field you desire