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Video Editing Course
  • Description

Do you want to expert with all the skills and techniques required to edit incredible videos by doing most Trending Projects? Do you want to know the complete proficient process of editing videos and creating your own Demo-Reel? Are you overwhelmed by learning Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro with Color Correction & Color Grading and Professional Video Editing practices and want to learn by Industry Professionals through practical real-world projects?

Then this ultimate Video Editing course is definitely for you!

What you'll learn

  • Understand the Complete Video Editing Process with professional techniques and create your own Demo Reel with professionally shut footage available for you.
  • Professionally use all the editing tools in Premiere Pro CC - The exact tools with exact techniques at the exact place and time.
  • How to practice the influential Editing Monitors within Premiere Pro CC and Speed adjustment Monitors from the Trim Monitor
  • The entire and expert Color Correction Process. Learn how to use the all Lumetri Color Panel and Lumetri Scopes with a step by step approach
  • Learn how to apply Color Grading and the concept behind Color Grading in a proficient way to create different feelings and moods for your Videos
  • Understand, within Premiere Pro CC, how you can use the latest Graphics to create Lower thirds, Titles, and much more...
  • In short, you will learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, edit audio, color correct, make titles and post videos online. And much much more.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginner and want to learn Professional Video Editing and how to use Premiere Pro CC
  • Novice with Premiere Pro and want to develop your skills and become more competent in these skills
  • Beginner who wants to start career in Video Editing, become Master in Video Editing and Premiere Pro
  • Who want to create own Exclusive Demo Reel with the help of Professional Footage shut with various conditions and cameras
  • Who want to be Expert in Post Production from Ingesting Media to Colour Production and Grading
  • Who want the expertise of editing an Interview Based Documentary with the help of Professional Footage
  • Who have been Professional in other software and now willing to migrate to Premiere Pro

Start editing your video professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro!

If you are searching for a video editing software that will permit you to edit videos though you need them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the perfect choice. Professionals use Premiere Pro across the globe for every single type of production from marketing videos and business, music videos to feature films, documentaries. This complete Video Editing is going to be your best choice to jump right in and start editing.

Make videos the way you imagine them!

Whether you are a beginner or using any version of the Premiere Pro, you are going to learn how to edit videos like a pro.

What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about?

In this Professional Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, our most experienced Industry Professional Trainer takes you through the basic skills to Master Level, using Adobe Premiere Pro. You can be editing on a PC or Mac a with any version of Adobe Premiere Pro. This course will contain all the topics from beginning to Master Level to start video editing, including:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro Overview
  • Starting a Project
  • Organization and Subclipping
  • Timeline and Basic Editing Tools
  • Editing Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Color Correction and Grading
  • Titles and Motion
  • Exporting and Posting Online
  • and much more!


  • Just a basic computer and internet user.
  • No programming skills necessary to take this course.
  • Basic Graphic Designing Course

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