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Social Media Marketing Course in Karachi
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The Complete Social Media Marketing Course for Entrepreneurs/ Students/ Business Individuals/ Housewives

Do you want to learn How to reach more customers via Social Media and Advertise business on major platforms of social media to reach potential customers? So, this ultimate mastery course is for you that helps you to understand how to grow and boost the business. A course with no long theory but just hands-on practices and practical. Whether you are completely new to the field of Social Media Marketing, you can easily learn the most trending and demanding course with Professional Trainer at the best institute in Karachi.

This course will cover all the required techniques, tools and strategies, one needs to learn to excel or kick-start the social media marketing career. Our professional trainers will guide you on how to be a master on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

In this top-rated Social Media Marketing course in Karachi, you will work on a live social media platform account like a trainee for a highly paid job. During class sessions, you will feel like you are in the Social Media Marketing Job Training.

So, what are you waiting for enroll now and launch your career in social media marketing!


Introduction to Social Media Marketing Course (SMM)

Introduction to Facebook Marketing

  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
  • Facebook Profile vs Facebook Page VS Facebook Group
  • How to create and Optimize a Facebook Page
  • How to claim URL/Username on Facebook
  • How to select Facebook Page Category


  • 4 Elements of the Perfect Facebook AD
  • Create a Post Engagement Ads
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Types of Ads


  • Create your first Facebook Ad
  • FB Campaign Setup
  • FB Multiple ADSET
  • FB Multiple Creative
  • FB Demographic Targeting based on customer's Education or Field to Study
  • FB Targeting based on customer's Interests
  • FB Billing, Budget & Schedules
  • A/B Split Test 101


  • How UTM parameters and CRM tools can help optimize your FB Marketing efforts
  • What is the Facebook Pixel + How to Install the Facebook Pixel?
  • Facebook Pixels: How to retarget your customers
  • Budget Planning for each post and campaign
  • Create an Audience for Facebook Ads
  • Split Test Images with Carousel Ads
  • Split Testing in Facebook
  • Types of Ads


  • What is a Relevance Score + How to Increase it?
  • Audience Insights
  • Insights

Introduction to Instagram

  • Your Instagram Starter Mission!
  • Getting Started - Establishing Your Instagram Account
  • Choosing the perfect Instagram username/handle
  • Optimizing your Instagram Bio
  • Creating your Instagram Account Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Start your personal or your business account
  • Photo Licensing and Image Ownership
  • What to post on Instagram (Theme and Purpose)?
  • Increasing your Image and Video Exposure

Introduction to Instagram Marketing

  • Identifying and Locating your Target Audience on Instagram
  • Promotional Strategy Spectrum: Sprint Vs Marathon
  • Successfully Promoting your Instagram Account Outside of Instagram
  • Connecting with your target Audience using Hashtags
  • Promoting your Instagram Business to Your Target Audience
  • A walk through on How to Run Ads using the Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram Stories and Your Business

  • Introduction to Instagram Stories
  • Creating your own Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Story Tips
  • Instagram Live
  • Introduction to Reels

Introduction to Twitter

  • Why Twitter is Important for Online Branding
  • How to grow and market your brand on Twitter
  • Biggest mistakes people make on Twitter
  • Create a killer Twitter marketing plan and daily schedule
  • How to build amazing brand relationships on Twitter
  • Twitter Direct Messaging

Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Create your plan for building your profile
  • The bad, the good and the great of LinkedIn profiles
  • Your headline - setting up your functional title
  • What to put in your summary section?
  • Pay attention to the small stuff!
  • The critical importance of your industry choice
  • How to use the experience section
  • Skills, Endorsements and Recommendations

LinkedIn Account Setup & Optimization

  • LinkedIn Connections Hack
  • LinkedIn InMail Hack
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Company Page Setup


  • A goal to develop and boost your businesses via Social Media Marketing!
  • No certification or prior experience is required.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone desires to MASTER the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies.
  • New or Advanced MARKETERS desire to understand how to create ads on all social media networks.
  • Business Owners/ Bloggers/ Influencers/ Celebrity / Public Figures.


  • Just a basic computer and internet user.
  • No programming skills necessary to take this course.
  • Basic English Language Course

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