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ReactJS Native Course
  • Description

Are you interested to add React to your current dev skillset, or you willing to professionally develop full-stack web applications using tools such as Redux, NodeJS, and MongoDB in combination with React then you are at the right place! Join this most trendy course with our Master Trainers/Industry Experts.

If you are interested in Nanodegree program, get ready to learn building web with React declarative user interfaces, for iOS and Android with React Native. In this course you will also learn management of state surely in your applications with Redux.

And If you're exhausted of whirling your wheels learning Android or Swift, then React is definitely for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who interested to latest mobile/web technologies
  • Those who want to dive deeper into web development
  • Anyone who interested to learn React JS and React Native
  • Web Designers and Architects

What we will cover in this course:

  • Experience working with React JSX, custom markup language, and learn how to clean up your advanced JavaScript code
  • Expert of breaking down a complex component into many smaller, identical components
  • Extract media-rich and interactive mechanisms in beautifully styled applications
  • Application Development technologies that are fun, unique, and responsive
  • Build on both platforms i.e. iOS and Android
  • Learn the essential philosophies of navigation with React Native
  • As you are going to learn component model of React, after mastering you will definitely able to write composable, declarative user interfaces to build productive applications.
  • Whenever your applications state stuck or difficult to maintain, thats the time to include Redux! By learning Redux fundamentals, you will easily and professionally handle complex state to build enterprise level applications.

Why to Learn REACT Course from UI Learning Institute?

Authentication? You will learn it. Hooks? Included. Navigation? Of course!

This course will boost your skills and build your experience with React Native quickly, and deliver you the core concepts you need to dive deeply to develop and build React components which make this course top and best react course among all complete react native bootcamp or advanced react udemy courses.

Support for both OSX and Windows - develop iOS or Android!

This course starts with mastering the core knowledge of advanced React Native, including JSX, event handling, props and state. In each lecture you will get source code, so you will all the time updated as course pacing. Each and every student gets special attention and all components and methodologies explained in easy learning manner with Industry Professionals.


  • JavaScript basics, HTML and CSS knowledge
  • No need of any prior React or other JS framework experience
  • Advance Web Designing Course

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